What truly matters

Although this post is not exactly about my father, his life and his condition are what have inspired me to write this.

Lately, I’ve been noticing others around me complaining. People complain about work, their friends, their house, their car..etc. I feel like a bad friend when I do not feel bad for them. The old me would certainly try to see things from their eyes, and try to find a solution to their troubles. The new me, she knows better.

My father has taught me that material things do not matter, that your job is a job, and you may or may not like it, he’s taught me that relationships sort their selves out, and every passing moment is a chance to turn things around and make them the best that they can possible be. My father has taught me that if you do not have your health, you have nothing. He has taught me that tomorrow may not come, that bad news can come to anybody, and that it truly is not necessary to sweat the small stuff. 

Dad has shown me what matters in life, and I can no longer sympathize with those who worry about things that do not matter. I do not wish sickness upon anybody, but I do wish others to view things the way I view them. Few of us stop to look at the beauty in this world, to appreciate everything we have. You take things for granted every single day, things that others do not have. You have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on the table, and a family that loves you…what more do you need? Everything else, thats just a new gift. If you do not look positively at everything you have, you will never be able to appreciate the beauty in this world. 

Sometimes I catch myself worrying about things that I know I should not worry about it. This is when I have to take a step back and look at myself in that situation. Is this worth it? Will this change my life in any way? Ask yourself these questions next time you’re worrying or frustrated. Take a step back and realize how blessed you are. How incredible this life is, and how much time you’ve wasted worrying about the small unimportant details.

Always remember what truly matters, and never forget how you got to where you are and who helped you get there.

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